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A Business Strategy to Position Your Brand for Success

Often business strategies can be overwhelming, and my goal is to simply help you invest time to OWN your audience!!

The pandemic had a tremendous impact on shaping our habits and doing things digitally has become the new norm. Even now that the pandemic is over, consumer habits are here to stay.

Some of these habits are how digital marketing has become even more critical. Content marketing is more important than ever, and Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) marketing is taking the lead. Brands these days are forced to learn about their consumers without relying on second- or third-party data; this is when that space opens up for you. This is when establishing connection with your audiences becomes an investment.

Investing time into building a strong social media brand image is important, and the best investment of your time is defining your target audience. Why is defining a target audience so important? Below are some of the top ways in which you can benefit from marketing to a targeted audience:

  • Focusing on a specific target group allows you to advertise more effectively. Knowing a specific audience group to target also helps solidify a brand voice that resonates; amplifying your social media branding efforts.

  • When you market to a highly specific target audience, develop messaging that truly resonates with your audience. This makes it easier to connect with them and earn their loyalty.

  • The most important part of finding your audience is DO YOUR RESEARCH. To be intentional and transparent you must understand your audience. Understanding the insights of your social media is just not enough.

You need to know their demographics: age, gender, race, ethnicity, occupation, marital status, geographic location, buying power, salary, income, job position, company, buying habits, buying pains and behaviors. Even their store visits, online browsing, lifestyle, hobbies, device preferences, tendencies to buy (seasonal, vs regular).

Why? Well, understanding their needs like typical problems that your product/service solves, gaps in the industry in relation to needs, interests, and desires. Connect them to your values, mission, and goals. Do you want to know how to do this type of research?

As a Brand Strategist my focus is on helping you to inspire people through strategic communication, to connect your brand with your target audience. Next month you will have access to forms that can help you to do that for free. All you need to do is stay connected!! Make sure you subscribe for what is yet to come!

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