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Hey There!

I'm Ceci Hoxeng

"I help people to have a clear direction to inspire others for what they do and to build a business they love. My passion for helping businesses grow will turn into their business' branding execution."


I always knew I had a passion for communications. I have devoted the last two decades to the financial and hospitality industry, in which I learned a lot about how the world communicates with business owners. After the pursuit of my Business Administration degree in the Hospitality Industry, I decided to go back to school to continue my education for becoming an Integrated Strategic Communicator. 

Although this did not happen until after I married my nerd husband -- whom I am proud of for his service to our country -- who allowed me the space to follow my dreams. We have four children; nineteen and seventeen-year-old daughters, and my twin boys who are now toddlers. 

Over the years, my experience as my daughters’ Mom has been delightful, but completely different from what it’s like to be a twin Mom. When I became a twin mom, I quickly recognized how unique it is; being a twin Mom brought new challenges.


I learned that having resources like product recommendations, everyday planning, or new lifestyle ideas can make a difference.  It made me realize I needed to pursue my passion for building the business of my dreams, while I raise my children to be awesome human beings.

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